"The Realstart 206 is a must,
because it has far greater realism..."

Micro Simulateur magazine September 2005

"With the custom gauges and sounds designed to emulate management of the power unit more realistically, you get a helicopter even more close to reality. So much so that it is possible to use a real procedure checklist."

"The experts opinion

- The flight dynamics
- The possibility to use the real procedure doc.
- Sounds and warning effects
- The stunning fluidity and the zero impact on frame rates"

Realstart 206 review - Micro Simulateur magazine September 2005

Realstart 206

"A HUGE step toward leaving plain FS simulation and plunging into Bell 206blll JetRanger reality, two thumbs up here!"
Kirk Sunley - Commercial helicopter pilot, over 4000 rotary flying hours

FROM OUR FORUM - A commercial pilot writes:

I hold a Canadian commercial helicopter pilots licence and have just slightly under 500 hours time in Bell 206 BII, in addition I have been enjoying flight sim for around 10 years. I can say without a doubt that this add-on is the single most enjoyable add-on I have ever seen for flight sim. It really adds to the immersive effect of the simulator and is a must for anyone looking to improve their flight sim experience with regard to helicopters without busting their bank account.

This add-on rectifies many of the issues I have had with flight sim in regard to helicopter flight for so many years. No longer can you pull 110% torque or make steep low speed approaches. This add-on will force you to learn to fly the helicopter in a more realistic manner, and if you act in an unsafe manner with this add-on installed you will be introduced to the ground in a way that will leave you feeling "not so fresh".

I never thought I would say this about any single add-on as you can take it or leave it, but in my opinion this one is a must have. Two thumbs way way up!
You will not be disappointed.

Calgary, Alberta
CHPL# 432398

Realstart 206 - Jordan Moore, Hovercontrol

The first time I saw this add-on in action, it really made me step back and question the "limits" for helicopter development. So many notions about what I thought was possible/impossible with the turbine helicopter model were blown out of the water. I have been developing helicopters for about 4 years now, and seeing this system work for the first time was probably the single most important helo flightsim/development moment for me. It really opened my eyes, and forced me to challenge my assumptions on helicopter development. Especially in regards to realistic "systems" simulation.

I still can't get over the amount of time and attention to detail you guys have put into this project, and I'm glad to see it come to fruition.

Jordan Moore - Founder of Hovercontrol

Why would anyone in their right mind take one of the best and most popular freeware helicopter models for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and spend countless hours on researching, programming and testing in order to “fool” Flight Sim into doing things with it that the program was never intended to do? Why, to develop the best FS9 helicopter add-on ever, of course!

This is exactly what Dodosim Flight Simulation has done. The two Dodos, Steve “SkyMed” Hanley and Mark “Bluebottle” Adams, have taken Owen Hewitt’s outstanding Bell 206B JetRanger III and brought Flight Sim helicopter modeling to an amazing new level of realism. Their Realstart206 and Advanced206 models provide levels of simulation immersion unlike any other FS9 helicopter model currently available at any price.

Dodosim's Realstart and Advanced206 are based on the Owen Hewitt GMAX Bell 206B JetRanger III.

How It Works
“We could tell you, but we’d have to kill you.” Seriously, the Dodosim birds work through a creative and unusual system of programming sophisticated XML gauges to literally “trick” the FS9 simulation engine into doing things that it was probably never intended to do, and certainly into doing things that no FS9 helicopter currently can. Steve and Mark spent endless hours researching Bell 206 performance specs, flight characteristics, and helicopter flight dynamics to ensure the Dodo birds perform as much like a real Bell as possible. They used their experience in developing procedural trainers for real-world helicopter pilots and brought many of those same capabilities to the desktop pilot. Consulting with actual Bell 206 pilots, experienced FS9 flight instructors and model builders, and a wide array of flight testers (including this writer), they came up with a winning combination for both versions.

The custom panels are filled with sophisticated XML gauges that provide the "magic" of the Dodosim flight experience.

The Models
There are two models currently available from Dodosim, the Realstart206 and the Advanced206. Both provide an incredible level of realism in procedures and performance, with the Advanced206 also including a quantum leap ahead in flight dynamics for FS9 helicopters. The RS206 is aimed at the FS helicopter “hobbyist” who is looking for something more realistic than the default Bell 206 flight and systems models that power most add-on helicopters in Flight Sim. The ADV206 is clearly intended for the real FS “enthusiast” who desires to get the most realistic experience possible in managing and operating a turbine-engine helicopter in the FS9 environment. Both versions utilize Hewitt’s superb visual model, which comes in three variants (Standard, TV and “No Doors”), and add to it customized, advanced programming that cause the flight model and systems to perform in ways that no other FS helicopter is currently capable of.

What You Get – In Either Model
As previously stated, both the Realstart and Advanced 206 models are based upon Owen Hewitt’s outstanding GMAX Bell 206BIII model. Both models come with a custom Dodo paint job (the ADV206 being the better of the two), but since they use Hewitt’s visual model, there are dozens of free repaints already available for them. Both models feature customized panels, realistic instrumentation and an unbelievable sound package (the sounds alone are almost worth the price). In addition, each comes with a well-written, HTML-based, manual that provides everything needed for a seamless installation and set-up. The manual also explains basic helicopter flight dynamics to assist the FS pilot in understanding how the helicopter is designed to perform and how to maximize the enjoyment of flying each model. Dodosim has a very active support forum hosted on the Hovercontrol ( web site to assist pilots in getting the most out of their Dodosim products.

The Dodosim models "punish" poor systems management and flying habits. Here a pilot experiences "hot start" engine failure due to improper procedure.

What You Get – RealStart206
If you opt for the RS206 you get a taste of what flying a real JetRanger is like. No longer can you “hop in”, hit “Ctrl+E”, pull the collective up to your armpit and zip around the virtual sky. Well, you can TRY, but the RS206 punishes pilots who do. Short cutting start-up procedures can lead to a “hot start” condition that will destroy your virtual engine and end your flight before you leave the pad. Once you do get your JetRanger started, over-torque, Vortex Ring State and other pitfalls await pilots with a tendency to exceed or ignore the helicopter’s performance specifications. These can result in a very unexpected and rude reintroduction to terra firma. Using the four custom panels, the pilot must constantly monitor systems performance and maintain situational awareness if he is to remain in the air and under control.

What You Get – Advanced206
Pilots choosing the Advanced 206, available as a stand-alone or as an upgrade from the RS206, get everything the RS206 offers and the addition of Advanced Flight Dynamics. The flight model provides for realism in Torque Yaw, Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness, Transient Power Droop (or “Rotor Droop”), Weathervane Instability and other flight conditions that real world helicopter pilots must contend with. The ADV206 allows the pilot to adjust the level of difficulty by selecting one of five sensitivity settings or to turn off the advanced dynamics completely. The ADV206 also offer a wind vector Heads Up Display (HUD) as a learning aid to assist the pilot in maintaining the situational awareness so critical in successfully piloting a helicopter under such realistic conditions.

The Realstart and Advanced 206s are completely managable from within the Virtual Cockpit, adding to the immersion effect.

How to Get Them
Both models are available at the Dodosim ( website. The current price for the RS206 is 17 Pounds (GBP) or approximately 31 U.S. Dollars (USD). The ADV206 is available as a stand-alone for GBP 34 or approximately USD 58. RS206 owners may upgrade to ADV206 at any time for the differential in price between the two models (currently 17 GBP). The manual for each model is also available as a free download at the Dodo site, for those wishing to learn more before deciding which model they desire.

The wide variety of free repaints for the Hewitt Bell 206 make the Dodosim 206s even more fun. Here a VERT "No Doors" model prepares for flight.

Overall Assessment
Both the Dodosim Realstart206 and Advanced206 models represent state-of-the-art, bleeding edge performance in Flight Sim helicopter operations. You simply will not find a better combination of realism, performance and immersion in any other FS9 model, regardless of price. While some may consider the prices a bit steep, for the true Flight Sim helicopter “hobbyist” or “enthusiast”, the investment will be well worth the initial cost. You will get endless hours of enjoyment from the sights, sounds and challenges of flying a Flight Sim helicopter that far exceeds anything else available. This is a MUST HAVE add-on for anyone who considers themselves a true Flight Sim “helicopter addict”.

VERT awards its SEAL OF EXCELLENCE to the Dodosim Realstart206 and Advanced206. To earn this award, a Flight Sim product must be considered a MUST HAVE add-on for the true FS enthusiast.

Dana Barrette
Deputy Chief (Logistics) & Northeast Region C.O.
VERT Webmaster

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