"A HUGE step toward leaving plain FS simulation and plunging into Bell 206blll JetRanger reality, two thumbs up here!"
Kirk Sunley - Commercial helicopter pilot, over 4000 rotary flying hours


Now includes 3 Bell 206blll Jetranger models by Owen Hewitt, with doors, no doors and TV camera chopper!

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Realstart 206 exterior

If you are a training school requiring the fully integrated part task trainer, including instructor station, please contact

Designed by:
Steve Hanley and
Mark Adams

visual model by Owen Hewitt

realstart206sound.gau created by Douglas Dawson

Requires Microsoft FS2004

Revolutionary start system

Parameters include:
Time elapsed since last shutdown
Residual engine temperature
Battery condition and load
Fuel pressure
Ambient air temperature
Wind direction

Hotstart Engine meltdown

Causes include:
Throttle opening prior to 12%-15% N1
Starter release prior to 58% N1
Start commenced above 105 deg. TOT
Tail wind/TOT combinations
low battery

Authentic corrective action is modelled
including accurate engine cooling by starter operation

4 custom panels

Special working features include:
Idle release throttle stop
2 fuel pump breakers (fore/aft)
Full warning annunciator panel
Annunciator test circuit
Battery overheat and warning system
2 warning horns (engine out/low rotor rpm)
warning horn test/bypass systems
Telltale TOT warning light
TOT warning light test circuit

Enhanced flight model

Greater handling realism
Overtorque engine damage/failures
Vortex ring state

Custom sound suite

Startup/shutdown sounds
Spool up and pulling pitch variations

3 variants

Standard 206b
No doors
TV camera chopper


There has never been an accurate turbine helicopter start sequence in any of Microsoft's flight simulators until now. This product is the result of 2 years research and development, thousands of programming hours, and extensive testing and revisions.

Highly accurate gauges and functions
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Fully researched and verified

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