Requirements and limitations


The start up and shutdown of turbine helicopters is completely absent from the FS2004 Simulator. Introducing these features has been a complex task and there are some minor limitations imposed by the way the simulator operates. We believe it is only fair that these are explained to our customers.

We would also like to explain the nature of the files you will receive so that you know exactly what to expect.

This information is also available in the free manual available in the downloads section. Also see the Realstart FAQ page.


Microsoft FS2004 must be installed
If you can run FS2004 then you can run Realstart 206.

If you are not running WindowsXP you will need a utility such as "Winzip" to unzip the download version of the file.


No issues have been reported so far.
The product has been tested on computers using 3rd party enhancements such as "trackIR" and "realityXP" with no problems reported. It has been tested in multiplayer using FSNET and functions perfectly in this 2 pilot environment


Full functionality is only guaranteed when the helicopter is started using a saved flight that has a cold dark cockpit. Otherwise FS2004 will try to override the start procedure with it's default "all engines running" state. Such a flight will be created for you during installation and you can save your own flights at any airport you choose.

Although the Virtual Cockpit is fully functional for normal flying, you should only use the 2d Cockpit for the start sequence as this gives access to all the critical switches and controls needed.

If you decide to use your keyboard to operate the starter button, do not change views or use any other keys or buttons ( Such as Q for sound etc.) until the engine is running at 62% N1 as this may interrupt the start cycle. Once the engine is running at idle and the generator is on, you can freely switch views, turn sounds on and off etc. as normal. This does not apply when joystick buttons are used

When using any aircraft, if the engines were not shut down properly on the previous flight, FS2004 always tries to load with the engines running. If this happens you may hear engine sounds or see gauges running down when you start a flight. If you click on flight/reset flight (or use the shortcut CTRL+;) the cockpit will immediately become cold and dark. This is a simulator bug and not restricted to realstart 206. Stopping the engine after each flight will prevent this.

All of the main controls and switches are fully functional. Some of the switches respond to mouse activation but have no corresponding FS2004 internal parameters so they have no effect. These are mostly things like the cabin heater , so you will have to supply your own heater!